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Many Australians are not aware that they have another option when it comes to paying for dental procedures. Getting access to your Superannuation to cover your dental treatments might sound overwhelming, but with SuperCare, it can be seamless and simple.
Compassionate Release of Superannuation (CRS) was designed to help you get the dental treatment you need, without unnecessary financial burden. And the best part? It’s paid for by savings that already belong to you!

Requesting an early release of superannuation for your dental treatment can provide instant financial relief.

SuperCare understands the stress that can go along with applying for early access to your superannuation to pay for essential procedures. That’s why their service is guaranteed to get your early release approved, or you pay nothing.
Why SuperCare – and what’s the process? Talk to our friendly customer care team on 1300 665 440 and discuss your situation today.

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The SuperCare Payment Option

The SuperCare Payment Option is available for dental implants, orthodontics, root canals, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, or any treatment that helps any condition causing you pain or discomfort.

This payment option is ideal for a family that:

• May not have access to sufficient residual or available funds
• Unable to obtain credit or finance
• May not want to obtain finance, which can often take years to pay back
• Does not have relevant, or sufficient Private health Insurance
• Does have one member with Superannuation funds available

SuperCare is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Australians by alleviating the stress and financial pressure of necessary dental procedures.
SuperCare offers a ‘fee for service’ model. SuperCare operates on a no approval – no fee basis – so In the unlikely event that a patient’s application is declined by the ATO (and the decision cannot be overturned) the service fee is fully refunded.

The SuperCare Payment Option provides you with a dedicated Case Managed Consultant who is with you every step of the way. SuperCare is the most trusted name in Australia to guide you painlessly through the process — so you can focus on what matters most — your health and treatment journey ahead!

Do you, your partner or spouse, or child need dental treatment? The SuperCare Payment Option allows you to access your super savings for your, or an immediate family member’s dental treatment.
Why SuperCare – and what’s the process? Talk to our friendly customer care team on 1300 665 440 and discuss your situation today. Click here for more information

Benefits of SuperCare

The benefits of the SuperCare payment option include:

    • Provides complete funding for essential dental care
    • Can offer funds to yourself, your partner, spouse or dependant child
    • No credit checks because you are accessing your own savings
    • Provides funds for treatment in private clinics and avoid long waiting time of public hospitals
    • You do not accrue large debts, which can take years to pay back
    • Lump sum approval, released to cover the entire treatment plan

SuperCare’s Vision

    • Be an innovative leader of support within the Australian Healthcare Sector
    • Make essential dental treatment available to all Australians
    • Reduce the complex application process, so you can focus on what’s important – the treatment.

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