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While there is a diverse array of dentists in Rouse Hill, our focus is on delivering top-tier dental care to our patients. Dr. Jessica Kang leads the team at Hills Dental Boutique, where we take a comprehensive approach to your dental well-being. Whether you are in need of replacing missing teeth, orthodontic treatment, or a complete smile makeover, our Rouse Hill dental team is well-equipped to assist you.

Furthermore, our commitment to ethical, honest, and transparent practices ensures that you will only undergo treatments that are necessary and desired. We firmly believe that this approach epitomizes the finest standard of dental care in Rouse Hill.

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Dr. Salik Faniad

Dr. Jessica Kang

BDS, Adelaide University

Dr. Jessica Kang, co-founder and principal dental surgeon at Hills Dental Boutique, is your dedicated guide to a healthier, more confident smile. With a wealth of experience in performing thousands of smile makeovers and surgeries, Dr. Jessica is well-versed in delivering the latest techniques with utmost safety.

Her insatiable thirst for knowledge is evident in the countless hours she’s dedicated to extensive training in various specialized areas. From cosmetics, including facial injectables and veneers, to orthodontics encompassing Invisalign and braces, and surgical dentistry involving wisdom teeth extractions and implants, Dr. Jessica is uniquely equipped to offer you unparalleled service.

She firmly believes in taking the time to understand her patients’ needs in order to provide tailored treatments. Dr Jessica values education and prevention as the cornerstone of oral health.

Having once been a nervous patient herself, Dr. Jessica is committed to dismantling any apprehension or anxiety associated with dental visits. Her soothing voice and gentle approach are sure to put you at ease.

Beyond her profession, Dr. Jessica enjoys exploring new recipes and restaurants, all while striving to improve her golf handicap.

Dr. Jessica’s passion for her work is a driving force behind the Hills Dental Boutique team’s mission to provide you with the exceptional care and treatment you truly deserve.

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Salik H. Faniad

BOH, University of Newcastle

Salik H. Faniad is the principal Dental Hygienist of Hills Dental Boutique and also a well-known figure in Sydney’s Dental Community, recognised as ‘Sydney’s Hygienist’ on social media. With over 13 years of experience in the dental industry, Salik brings a wealth of knowledge and a holistic approach to his practice, making him exceptionally efficient and gentle in his care.

Salik’s unique perspective extends beyond teeth, as he expertly connects general health with oral well-being. His specialisation lies in Periodontal therapy, where his gum treatment is second to none. In addition to his clinical expertise, Salik is dedicated to providing thorough Oral hygiene instruction, ensuring his patients have the tools and knowledge for lasting dental health.

When you’re under Salik’s care, you’ll not only receive a meticulously crafted treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, but you’ll also experience his positive energy and warm smile, guiding you through the process with uplifting support.

Salik also has many years of experience working with children, offering gentle hands and a calming approach. He is known for his friendliness and ability to reduce anxiety in children, creating an environment where they can truly enjoy their dental experience, especially during their first crucial appointment. This positive introduction to dental care not only fosters a lifetime of good oral health habits but also helps dispel any potential stigma associated with dental visits.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Salik enjoys soccer, both as a spectator and a player, with a special affinity for Manchester City. He’s an avid traveler and cherishes quality time spent with his growing family, which includes his two delightful daughters under the age of three.

Salik H. Faniad is not just a dental hygienist; he’s a dedicated practitioner committed to providing high-quality dental care to each and every one of his patients. His devotion to continuous learning and evidence-based practice ensures that you’ll receive the best care possible on your journey to optimal dental health.

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