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    Box Hill Family Dentistry

    Choosing a dental clinic for your family is a huge responsibility. You would want to pick a clinic that’s located nearby and at the same time offers quality dental services at affordable prices. At Hills Dental Boutique, we’ve got a team of experts who can handle all your family members’ dental needs at competitive prices.

    Our Box Hill dental clinic is centrally located and easily accessible by public transport. From general dentistry to orthodontics, you can count on us to treat various dental issues. So, if you’re looking for a family dental clinic in Box Hill, Sydney, make Hills Dental Boutique your first choice.

    Emergency Dentist Box Hill

    At Hills Dental Boutique, we provide same-day emergency dental services for patients in Box Hill. Dental emergencies can be painful, so we want to treat our patients as quickly as possible. Once you call us to discuss your dental emergency, we will schedule a same-day appointment for you.

    During your visit, our team will ensure you get the attention and care you deserve to resolve the issue.

    Our emergency dental services are affordable, so even if you see us urgently, you will not have to pay a very high cost. So, if you’re looking for emergency dental care in Box Hill, Sydney, come to Hills Dental Boutique.

    Clear Aligners Box Hill

    At Hills Dental Boutique, our team offers Invisalign clear aligners for teeth straightening. An alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign is ideal for patients who want to change the alignment of their teeth without letting people around know about it.

    These clear aligners are virtually undetectable, and you can remove them for a comfortable eating and drinking experience. Also, since these aligners don’t involve wires like the traditional braces, they are comfortable to wear for hours. If you are considering Invisalign in Box Hill, Sydney, choose us for the best results.

    Dentures Box Hill

    Missing teeth can be replaced with dentures, imitation teeth designed for people who have lost their natural teeth for any reason.

    Dentures feature several false teeth, either mounted on a plate or clipped into place on existing teeth. They can be made of metal, nylon, or acrylic and are individually designed to fit perfectly.

    At Hill Dental Boutique, we specialise in all types of dentures, including partial and complete dentures. Regardless of your denture requirement, could you ask our team for help?

    Dental Veneers Box Hill

    Veneers enhance the appearance of your chipped or cracked teeth. They are also ideal for hiding stained or discoloured teeth. Veneers are small shells attached to the tooth’s surface to give it a flawless look. The veneer’s colour matches the colour of the neighbouring teeth to achieve a uniform look. 

    We offer both types of dental veneers at Hills Dental Boutique, including porcelain and composite. Composite veneers in Box Hill are ideal for patients looking for an affordable fix for their imperfect teeth, whereas porcelain veneers in Box Hill are for those who want a studier and long-lasting option.

    Root Canal Treatment Box Hill

    A root canal treatment is needed to save teeth that are entirely decayed or have become infected. This treatment involves removing the nerve and pulp from the tooth, making it easy to clean the inside. Once cleaned, the inner is adequately sealed. Root canal treatment is standard, and we at Hills Dental Boutique recommend many of our patients undergo this treatment to save their infected or damaged tooth and prevent the spreading of infection that may occur with it.

    If you need assistance with your oral health, feel free to contact our Box Hill dentists. 

    Dental Crown

    Dental Crowns Box Hill

    We understand that a dental crown can be a crucial solution for various dental issues at Hills Dental Boutique. One common scenario is significant tooth erosion, which may occur when initial tooth decay goes unnoticed or a dental filling fails to address the issue in time.

    Dental crowns also become necessary in cases where a portion of the tooth has broken off due to accidents or trauma. Additionally, teeth damaged by infection or weakened by underlying pathology may also benefit from the stability and protection provided by dental crowns.

    Our dentists in Box Hill are well-equipped to assess your situation and recommend the most suitable treatment. If you’ve experienced erosion, trauma, or underlying dental issues, consulting our experienced dentists will help determine whether a dental crown is the right solution.

    Wisdom Tooth Removal Box Hill 

    Sometimes, the wisdom tooth in your mouth may not erupt completely or become infectious. In such scenarios, wisdom tooth extraction by our expert dentists in Box Hill is essential.  

    Our team specialises in wisdom tooth extraction, so if your wisdom tooth is causing trouble, you can come to us. We will examine your tooth, check if it is causing any problem in your mouth, and proceed with the procedure only if need be.

    Dental Bridges Box Hill

    Discover a seamless solution for missing teeth with Hills Dental Boutique’s dental bridge services. Our dental bridges consist of two crowns and one or more false teeth strategically positioned to be supported by the neighbouring natural teeth. This innovative approach ensures stability and functionality in replacing missing teeth.

    When opting for a dental bridge, the adjacent teeth, known as abutment teeth, play a crucial role. These teeth are restored, typically with dental crowns, to provide the necessary support for the replacement tooth, referred to as a pontic. This comprehensive method addresses the gap left by a missing tooth and ensures the surrounding teeth are reinforced and maintain their structural integrity. 

    If you have questions regarding dental bridges, feel free to schedule a consultation with our team. 

    Dental Implants Box Hill

    When choosing a Box Hill dentist for dental implants, you want to ensure you get the best possible care. That’s why you should select Hills Dental Boutique. We are experienced in all aspects of dental implants, from initial consultation to final placement.

    We use the latest technologies and procedures to ensure your implant is placed correctly and looks natural when complete. Plus, we offer All on 4 Box Hill dental implants, providing a complete set of new teeth in just one day. So, choose you if you’re looking for the best dental care possible

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Often Should I See A Dentist?

    Seeing a dentist at least twice a year for routine checkups is best. During these sessions, your dentist may offer professional cleaning, which can help keep your mouth healthy in the long run. Visiting the dentist more often is essential for patients with multiple dental issues.

    How Do I Brush My Teeth for Better Cleaning?

    You can brush your teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Ensure that gentle circular motions are used and that too much pressure is avoided. You must also brush your tongue to remove bacteria and promote fresh breath.

    What Are Some of The Most Common Dental Problems?

    Some of the most common dental problems include cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. However, these problems can usually be prevented with good oral hygiene habits.

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